Xbox LIVE beta testing

Xbox LIVE beta testing

Internet Explorer comes to Xbox LIVE

I've been a gold member of Xbox LIVE for a long time and have been pretty happy with their service and options. They've unveiled lots of new apps so I can watch on-demand cable movies, Netflix and order movies as well. It's come a long way from where is was just a few years ago, but one thing that has always been missing is an Internet browser. I would have thought that the company that developed Internet Explorer would have put that puppy on their first thing.

Recently, I was invited to participate in the Xbox LIVE beta testing for a new console make-up. It was going to be buggy, I knew, but as long as it didn't screw up my saved games or keep me from watching Netflix, I thought why not? The main reason I wanted to do it was the development of Internet Explorer for the Xbox 360. I have used the Internet browser for the PS3 and found it too simplistic and lacked many of the features that I had come to expect from the browser on my computer.

The browser for the PS3 wasn't a “brand name” browser. It was an IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. so I wasn't expecting much. I never even used it because everything I needed I could use the apps for. I'm excited to take part in the beta test and see exactly how functional the IE is for 360.

Microsoft has long tried to make the Xbox more than just a game machine and more of a complete entertainment center. Integration of a functional and useable IE that can have flash, lighting fast response times and be visible on a full screen television will bring it one step closer to achieving their goal.