Skylanders Giants or money sucking machine?

Skylanders Giants or money sucking machine?

The price of accessories

Remember when video games were just that: games? You went to the store or these days online and bought a game. It was either a cartridge or a disc, but once you had it, that was it. You didn't have to buy anything more for it.

Even the ones that need a monthly subscription aren't as much of a money grubbing horror as the Skylanders game. It all started with Guitar Hero. It was packaged with a guitar and then next thing you know you had to buy the drums, microphones, etc. Thankfully, that little genre has faded into oblivion, but know my children are obsessed with Skylander.

If anyone remember the Spyro the Dragon games, then you probably know a little bit about Skylanders. The game featured a physical mount that you place characters on and they are then playable in the game. You can level them up and take them to different machines and have a good old time.

It's just like Pokeman, but much more expensive. There are rare and limited edition characters that you can only find in certain stories or are available for a certain period of time. You end up spending a boatload of cash on this stuff and pray it interests them long enough to make the money spent worth it.

The game recently came out with the second set of characters called Giants. These are significantly larger than the previous characters and my kids are already salivating. It's no coincidence they're coming out at Christmas.

I miss the days when all I had to do was go out and buy a $60 game and not worry about all the accessories that go with it.