Quantic Dreams' Beyond Two Souls

Quantic Dreams' Beyond Two Souls

May revolutionize storytelling in gaming

I've been big fan of Quantic Dreams since the Playstation 2 days and Indigo Prophecy and their newest games seems like a revolution in storytelling. Beyond Two Souls tells the story of Jodie played by the amazing actress Ellen Page.

We follow Jodie through 15 years of her life as she learns more about this entity that is both a blessing a curse. You switch between both characters and the decisions that each makes impact the direction of the story.

Aiden is an invisible entity that has considerable power. It can possess people and control their body's to help Jodie out of certain situations and there is always more than one way for the entity to use its powers. He can possess someone in order for them to kill themselves, have them shoot other enemies, drive a car into a building, etc.

This game has been years in development, which is nothing new for Quantic Dreams. They have only release two other games in the last decade and push the consoles to their limits. For this company, creating the ultimate gaming experience is the true reward and not just money.

Given the videos I've seen and articles I read about this game, it guaranteed to revolutionize gameplay. In a world driven by first person shooters and how many bad guys you can fit on a screen, having the limits push on a story based game is refreshing. You can bet that when it comes out that I'll be one of the first ones out there to get it.