New Grand Theft Auto is set to impress

New Grand Theft Auto is set to impress

A complete revamp.

Anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto games knows that you take the good with the bad. It's an expansive, free roaming world with plenty of opportunities to do carnage and mayhem, but hand to hand combat pretty much sucks driving feels like you're transporting Miss Daisy.

When Rockstar decided to put out a brand new GTA game, they took everything back to the drawing board with the goal of using the current generation of game systems to their absolute max. They took the complaints of earlier games and decided to actually improve the game instead of the status quo.

Granted, the game is a ways out and things could change by the time it's finally shipped. The developers have some high hopes when it comes to the hand-to-hand elements as well as driving. The goal is to make the hand-to-hand more fluidic and less 8-bit. The driving is going to get an major tune-up so that it actually feels like a racing game.

As it stands, the graphics just didn't have the umph to make the driving anything more than an interesting way to get from one place to the other. Chases were sluggish and jarring, but they are hoping to change that.

What has always made GTA great has been the story, music and lawlessness. Where else can I blow people's heads off and drive a tank through downtown? If they can succeed in making the most unattractive parts of previous games a draw for the newest, then they may have created the perfect videogame - for adults only, of course.