New Games, Old Technology

New Games, Old Technology

Making New Games The Old School Way

If you ever want to take a look at the past, just look into some of the downloadable games available on Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox networks. I don't mean the past as in the countless games that are available that were originally on older systems. I mean some of the new games that are using old time technology.


People don't go to download $60 version of a game onto their system. There are still a majority of people that visit the store and purchase the disks. They don't want a large investment like that unless there is something physical in their hands. People are very tactile and still don't trust Cloud gaming or weighing down console memory with a ton of large games.


Instead, they prefer spending $5 or $10 on smaller games that don't have the major whiz bang factor. They may look like something that belongs on PS1 or the original Xbox, but are fun to play for a few hours until you beat it. These smaller games can still be just as fun as the big games, but graphics and sound just wouldn't be as sharp.


Many of these small developers don't spend millions on this games, but more like thousands. Many are labors of love that evolve into something bigger and better. The technology that developed first generation console games is incredibly inexpensive because everyone has moved on to the bigger titles. They can create games for pennies on the dollar. You can't beat great games at rock bottom prices.