Japanese vs. American gaming

Japanese vs. American gaming

A difference in culture

There is no doubt that while America is often considered a major world power, when it comes to video games, we're are far behind Japan. In Japan, you can't walk down the street without hitting a bank of pachinko machines or other type of game.

Video games in this country aren't just a pastime, it's a way of life. Professional gamers have just as many fans and admirers as America's biggest movie stars. While the U.S. has its fair share of video games premiering every month, Japan has many many more. It's kind of sad for us who love certain games like Hack, Wild Arms and other Japanese imports that have flourished in Japan, but pretty much died out here in the U.S.

The types of videogames themselves are different in Japan. U.S. game developers have a different set of rules when it comes to gaming than those in Japan. Japanese games aren't necessarily better, but they are different. It's just about the change in cultures.

Take a look at the games from Japan that have come to America and compare them to U.S. based games. They tend to be more character-oriented and visually fantastic. They have a tendency to mimic the popular Manga styles of the time. The plots also focus on the cultural and mythological aspects of Japan and not the U.S., which makes sense.

How many of us have played a Japanese import and were thoroughly confused by things like talking fruit? I don't think our two styles will ever truly merge and will continue to be divisive in their very nature.