It's Halloween: Just in time for Resident Evil

It's Halloween: Just in time for Resident Evil

Fans anticipate new game

There are few games that will give you heebie jeebies more than Resident Evil. I grew up playing the original games on PlayStation and love the movies. Through the years, there have been good games and not-so-good games in the series.

I think that everyone will agree that Halloween is the perfect time to release a Resident Evil game. The past decade has become a zombie mecca with countless games, books and movies about the shambling corpses. Resident Evil is a big reason why that zombie resurgence happened. The movies were a major successes in the theater and the games have a strong following.

That brings us to Resident Evil 6. Perhaps the biggest departure from previous games is the divergent storyline. You're not just playing a few characters in a single building or city. You're playing characters in different parts of the world and their stories are all connected.

This game is more like an interactive movie as you find out what Umbrella is up to and then play as different character in a different place and find out more. Only you can put all the pieces together because the other characters are unaware of each other.

There is a lot riding on this game. Reviewers already consider it a success even if they haven't played through the whole game. I am looking forward to it, but with all the hype I am afraid it's going to disappoint because they have raised the bar so high.