Industry prepares for next gen consoles

Industry prepares for next gen consoles

Wii U not a thrilling addition

It's been a while since a new gaming system has hit the shelves. Both Microsoft and Sony are working on their next gen platforms, but Nintendo is all ready to go with the Wii U. It's going to be a good year to two years before we see the next gen of Xbox and Playstation, but that's not keeping developers from making games for them.

From what little has been leaked on this new game system, they are going to blow current systems out of the water. They are going to have enough processing power to control a nuclear submarine and the may actually dabble in virtual reality. You remember that from the late 90s and early 2000s. It was supposed to be the next big thing where you could actually be in the game.

Yeah, it died, but the power of these new systems make it a reality. This is excluding the Wii U, which my guess will fail miserably. Nintendo is basically adding a touchscreen and that's not going to be enough. I don't care how amazing it makes Madden. Nintendo has been all about innovation, but the Wii U lacks the Wow factor that the Wii had.

While specs on the next gen Xbox and Playstation consoles are under tight wraps, some have been leaked out. The systems will still have and accept DVD games, but there is going to be a major shift into online gaming and downloading. There are already shifts to this already, but the new generation will focus on actually downloading major games and not just small stuff from the Arcades.