The family that plays together

The family that plays together

Spending quality time in front of the television.

Odds are you and the kids have a four-day weekend coming up starting tomorrow thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a great time to come together as a gaming family and spent some quality time erasing the Covenant from existence or watching Mario save the Princess...again.

I've long been a proponent of families coming together through gaming. As children get older, the things parents and kids can do together gets smaller. Either the kids that the activity is lame and boring or the parents can't wrap their heads around why this is fun.

It doesn't matter if you're playing those party games designed for the whole family or a first person shooter on co-op. It doesn't matter if you're playing from home and your children are playing from their colleges to homes via network. All that matters is that you are doing it together.

Video games are one of the few activities that families that can't be together for the holidays can still do. There aren't many hobbies or past times where that is true. This Thanksgiving I plan on eating a whole lot of turkey, do a whole lot of driving and then come home to play some video games with my children. The hardest part isn't finding the time, but realizing that they are getting to the age where they can actually beat me.

I, for one, treasure every moment with my family and it doesn't matter to me if it's in front of a television or at the playground. Family time is family time and it's the memories that you'll remember forever.